How to: Visual restoration of the classic IBM Thinkpad 710T - PART II

Front and back shell repainted.

The gluing process is not difficult, but you have to be extremely careful not to get any glue on the outside visible surfaces while it is still fresh from the tube. If you do so the solvent in the glue will permanently mark or destroy your paint job, it will melt it. The only exception is if you get some of the glue strings that will form when you are getting the glue out of the tube. They will have most of the solvent evaporated as they are forming and can easily be rubbed off of your new paint job. Don't let them sit there for a long time or they might not be easy to remove. People who build airplane or car or any models know this issues, they are common with glue and can be avoided easily.
When you spread the glue make sure it is as thin as possible as some of the stickers are vinyl printed and will show bumps if the glue was applied too thickly. Use any flat and flexible plastic you have to apply and smear the glue so it is applied thinly.

Here is the foam that I will use, it is made for cameras. I cut it with the exacto in thin strips of about 4mm with the help of a plastic ruler. Just place the ruler on top of the foam and cut, don't have to be perfect, just straight enough.

Before I put the magnesium LCD frame over the motherboard a quick look at the various chips, specifically the digitizer. I cannot believe that Wacom has been in the digitizer business for such a long time. I've used many Wacom products as part of my job description, they are the leader in the field.

LCD, LCD shield, LDC adjustment board, and motherboard all installed on the bottom halve of the Thinkpad.

Memory back into its slot on the back of the laptop.

So the laptop/tablet is almost ready and the top halve (the LCD bezel) is installed. Only some of the doors on the sides are not painted and installed yet. However I forgot to mention that I bought the laptop online with "as is or not working" description, so really I have not tested it yet and I cannot wait to try.

I bought online a universal laptop adapter with bunch of different connector peaces and one of them fit in the socket perfectly.

After pressing the button next to the power socket a miracle; all the little LEDs lit up and the LCD monitor came to live.

The usual errors 161 and 163. 163 is the cmos battery, I replaced it like so:

No more errors, going straight to the setup screen. I like the old and new setup dates, this is 25 years, sooo cool :woohoo:

The Pen OS loading, so exiting!

And a surprise: I need to sign with a user and a signature. How amazing they has writing recognition as a way to authorize login 25 years ago. I need your help to figure out how to get pass that login and into the actual OS. Any suggestions are welcome.

So I still have to paint and install the doors including the reproduction door and latch I made.

Final before and after pics.

Thank you all!

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